VIP System HorizonOt!

Find out what are the advantages and benefits of being a VIP below:

  • Get VIP and help the HorizonOt grow even more!

  • VIP System Information
    VIP Details
    XP Boost
    Exclusive outfit addons 0 +4
    Exclusive Mounts 0 +4
    Automatic money to the bank
    NPC imbuement
    Exclusive training room
    Loot boost
    Access to Vip area

    Exclusive outfit addons and mounts
    Exclusive outfit addons:
    Exclusive mounts:


    Best of all, Tibia VIP Time is inexpensive! You can upgrade your account to VIP starting from as little as 200 Points for a month:

    VIP Time
    VIP Time can only be used for your own account, while the scroll can be sold.
    1 month (30 days)Tibia Coins 200
    3 months (90 days)Tibia Coins 550
    6 months (180 days)Tibia Coins 1000
    12 months (360 days)Tibia Coins 1900